Want to Buy Power Bank Mobile Charger alias? Read his past Tips

Gadgets and power are like two lovebirds Bank now inseparable. If the expression is not right for you, you do not have a problem with your gadget batteries. Or do you prefer a portable backup battery charger instead. Or it could be your life does not depend on gadgets, so it’s better to die than to let it bother looking for another source of batteries.

Portable charger solution that is now being widely used gadget users. In addition to a compact, high-capacity also. SMY knowledge, there have been reached 15,000 mAh. If the amount that can be used many times. Asik is not it? But problems can arise due to the external battery source. For example, the original battery so sag due to charging without limitation, the worst gadget you will die in total due to short circuit occurs. This is a huge loss, which had to make savings, but in the end you have to spend more money for your favorite gadget broken one of its components. Well, before you buy Power Bank consider the following:

Recognize a Good Gadget

Recognize gadgets used. Later handy fitting want to buy a portable charger. Starting from the port to the battery capacity. When dealing with vendors, must not believe his words, certainly all Power Bank sold a good sort. Please check in the boxes, there are rules. If your gadget battery capacity of 1200 mAh capacity Power Bank should be on top of that, the bigger the better.

Protection Mumpuni For Gadgets

Was called the greater capacity Power Bank better. But not from choice, see the first security features it has. Most electricity is a danger of a short circuit. If no feature short circuit protection (circuit breakers short) from Power Bank, Power Bank not only damaged, the gadget you can hit the disaster. It usually occurs due to the use of data cable, so replace the data cable with Power Bank got your gadget, it’s guaranteed quality.
The story of a friend, when wearing Power Bank battery gadget even swell. It could happen because Power Bank used does not automatically stop when the battery charge is full, so find that there are features of over-charging protection. So let me sleep any abandoned or forgotten, it does not matter, because it automatically stops charging when the battery is full.

Power Bank is good too with temperature protection feature, which will detect overheating during charging.

Output Output Power Bank should also be considered. Greater than or equal to the output shown in the battery of your gadget. This is why sometimes kla, Power Bank is not working on a particular gadget. It’s hard to be sure if it was not well-known brands, as it says on the box is not necessarily promising that real output. Even better if you wear a Power Bank already have UL certification (quality standards Power Bank). Keep in mind also that the capacity Power Bank held no promise charging accordingly.

Loss of Power or Power Lost Time Charging Could Only Happen

So good output will provide a good charging anyway. Generally, the voltage required for charging the device is 5V DC Power Bank should ideally have the same voltage standard, but many Bank Power output is below that, so often lost power.

Or completeness of the Mobile Charger Power Bank

Just like the battery in general, at the Bank’s no such thing Power battery cells. Good battery cells will store and distribute electricity well. Try meticulous box section, usually Power Bank includes brand quality battery cells, such as Japan Cell and Samsung Cell. Foremost is the Power Bank had purchased the warranty, a minimum of one year. Portable also features a good charge indicator lights. A certain color or a certain twinkle signifies something, such as charging is full or the remaining power in the Power Bank.

Here are some Power the Bank in the market.


Panasonic even glance portable charger business. Two of their products are Panasonic QE-QI 101 (2700 mAh capacity) and QL QE-201 (5400 mAh capacity). Using the microUSB data cable. Power bank for charging takes about 7 hours. Equipped with indicator lights. The indicator light will go off when finished charging both Power Bank or while charging gadgets. Charging Power Bank than with the adapter can also use the laptop. Input voltage and output of 5V DC with an operating temperature of 0 degrees to 35 degrees.


Sanyo also has several products Power Bank. Maulai of Enoloop Sanyo Mobile Boosters for the traveler with its capacity to ProBox Sanyo 5200 mAh and 7800 mAh. As for the first product is somewhat lower capacity. Enoloop Mobile booster has 5000mAh capacity. Power Bank is available at bodynya 2 USB ports to connect to your gadget. Dikelam cool eco-friendly and taken anywhere as it weighs only 320 g. for charging power from your laptop while it took 14 hours of AC power only 7 hours.


This series is for the midle capacity, only 2000mAh. Charger is fairly safe to use as it comes. SONY has another series for portable charge, CP-A2LS capacity of 4000mAh. Unfortunately, according to the Sony does not enter the country, but from online stores homeland, can we find these items sold at relatively low prices. The price on offer mean the range of Rp 380 thousand.


Sizable capacity, 8000 mAh. Be able to recharge the battery charge two gadgets at once. Shaped like a hard drive eksteral and can be brought anywhere because in the pocket of the bag. Equipped default adapter capable of supplying electric current capable of up 2.1 ampere charging besides accelerating the adapter able to directly charge mobile phones. For connections consist of microUSB, mini USB, Samsung Galaxy tab, Sony Playstation Portable, and Nokia 2mm charging connector. [IRW]

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