Sam is having a lot of difficulty sleeping through the night. For the last 3 nights he’s woken up at least 3 times cryings. We’ve been going through this for awhile. We usually only get a full nights, uninterrupted sleep about once a week.  When he sleeps there is a night light (and the hall light on) and a calming sound machine that sounds like crickets.

Last night he woke up crying and calling for me at 2:00 a.m., 3:30 a.m., and 5:30 a.m. When I go in he says his belly hurts, but the minute I’m there he goes back to sleep. Sometimes I don’t even make the treck from my room to his room, before he falls back asleep. I’m thinking it’s more along the lines of nightmares or something, but what kind of nightmares can a 4 year old have who only watches Disney Junior.

I am not getting any rest either, as you can imagine (and I am not the type of person that can fall back asleep quickly.). I am thinking of caving in and putting an air mattress in our master bedroom and letting him sleep with us.

I would greatly appreciate any advice from all you other mom’s out there…..PLEASE….zzzzzzz…..

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