NC: County attorney claims collaboration between DOJ, immigrant group

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In a memo to county commissioners this week, County Attorney Clyde Albright claims that a local immigrant rights group has made deals with the U.S. Department of Justice for illegal immigrants who provide testimony against Sheriff Terry Johnson in a discrimination lawsuit.

“I obtained letters that show the DOJ is collaborating with the North Carolina Immigrant Rights Project to obtain dismissal of deportation proceedings against three illegal aliens arrested by the sheriff in July of 2012 and August of 2012,” Albright’s memo stated. “These letters appeared in a legal clinic website as examples of how to get the federal government to drop deportation proceedings against illegal aliens.”

The April 26, 2012 letters obtained by Albright were from attorney Martin Rosenbluth representing North Carolina Immigrant Rights Project to U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Chief Counsel Alfie Owens.

In the letters, Rosenbluth asks the Department of Homeland Security to exercise prosecutorial discretion authority and terminate deportation proceedings for three of his clients. Rosenbluth said this week he has represented many illegal immigrants facing deportation in Alamance County and other counties across the state.

 “As you are aware, on June 17, 2011 ICE Director John Morton issued a memo to ICE Field Office Directors, Special Agents in Charge, and Chief Counsels, to provide guidance to all ICE officials on the exercise of prosecutorial discretion,” Rosenbluth’s letter states.

Rosenbluth said his clients were taken into ICE custody after they were arrested by the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office on charges of driving a vehicle without an operator’s license. These clients were cooperating after their arrests as witnesses for the Department of Justice into the practices of the Sheriff’s Office, according to the letters.

Their removal from the country by the federal government would negatively affect the DOJ”s investigation, according to Rosenbluth’s letter.

Albright’s memo to the commissioners indicates he believes that the three illegal immigrants’ deportations were dismissed in return for their cooperation in the DOJ investigation.

“One can only wonder what promises were made by the DOJ to obtain testimony against the sheriff from these three criminals that were arrested by the sheriff,” Albright stated.

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Video: Difference between Holland and The Nederlands

Until I watched this video, I thought Holland is just another name for The Nederlands, and used either name interchangeably…


Spotted: Sinful Colors Limited Edition Paparazzi Collection (with swatches of the shade I purchased)

If you caught my post a couple weeks ago about the Sinful Colors Limited Edition Almost Famous Collection then you know that this collection is now available at Walgreens. But what you may not know…

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Funny Pictures For a Good Laugh

By Alberta Bensen
When the economy looks gloomy, everyone needs some humor for just about any good laugh. As the saying goes, “Laughter may be the finest medicine.” That’s probably true to some degree. Laughter can most certainly help relieve stress. So that as everybody knows, a lot of stress might be harmful to health. Fortunately, there is also a large amount of free assets on the internet that will possibly you’ve in stitches very rapidly. Let’s take a look in a couple of those assets.

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There is also a numerous funny pictures on the internet. Some is a consequence of true occasions, although some are created for just one handful of good laughs. For instance, you will find entertainment images from the favorite stars. Mostly, they’re images that are edited by fans and released on various humor sites. You’ll find literally 100s (or 1000’s) of those images on the web. You need to simply know where one can look.

Cool stuff.

Awesome stuff is entertaining too. They’re pictures that could be funny. But you’ll find very worthwhile. People frequently circulate such pictures via email for his or her family and pals as these images look awesome. Searching awesome means the subject of focus is a factor that’s unusual. For instance, you may go to a picture from the awesome robot that’s created from scrap metal.


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Military Images.

Sometimes, a substantial atmosphere could make most likely probably the most amusing situations. For people who enjoy military jokes, such images are great. Jokes are often based on soldiers and engaging searching weaponry.

Funny people pictures.

Children might be funny, but may, grownups enter humorous situations too. Several of these pictures or pictures of grownups making funny faces. From time to time, you are capable of seeing funny things happening to grownups in solid existence. These are generally shots that are taken while a grown-up is working. Through the act, any kind of accident happens (like falling a ladder). Grownups clowning around can be quite funny sometimes.

Political jokes.

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Note that most of the works mentioned above are created purely for entertainment. If you find some of the jokes to be offensive, simply shut them out. Just browse less offensive images like children’s funny pictures.

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Chris Christie Proves CPAC Was Right!

“It’s Medicaid. It’s the biggest thing. I mean, our Medicaid program is $1.4 billion in deficit this year and because of Obamacare we can’t change the level of benefit that we offer because of the mandates that they’ve put on us. And, I think, you know, if we’re going to pay for 50 percent of it, we should have some control over it and the way this administration’s done it is they just want to control all of it. So, that’s the biggest problem for us,” he said.
Beginning in 2014, the health care law requires states to cover every individual under Medicaid whose income is equivalent to 133 percent of the poverty level or less. –New Jersey Governor Chris Christie May 2011

For the past 24 hours it seems as if every liberal pundit was questioning CPAC for neglecting to invite NJ Governor Chris Christie to speak at their conference beginning in two weeks. Today the governor announced a decision which justified the CPAC action.

China “fully prepared” for currency war: banker

A top Chinese banker said Beijing is “fully prepared” for a currency war as he urged the world to abide by a consensus reached by the G20 to avert confrontation, state media reported on Saturday.

Yi Gang, deputy governor of China’s central bank, issued the call after G20 finance ministers last month moved to calm fears of a looming war on the currency markets at a meeting in Moscow.

Those fears have largely been fuelled by the recent steep decline in the Japanese yen, which critics have accused Tokyo of manipulating to give its manufacturers a competitive edge in key export markets over Asian rivals.

Yi said a currency war could be avoided if major countries observed the G20 consensus that monetary policy should primarily serve as a tool for domestic economy, the Xinhua report said.

But China “is fully prepared”, he added.

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Menschenkenntnis macht den Verständigen ebenso nachsichtig als bescheiden.

Menschenkenntnis macht den Verständigen ebenso nachsichtig als bescheiden.


Fans showed up to be wowed by the Rascal Flatts’ music, but it was a little boy, instead, who stole the show at the band’s Feb. 23 concert in Pikeville, Ky. A video that was uploaded to YouTube shows the little kid fervently dancing in the stands — and the crowd going wild.

Those around him cheered and clapped as the child jumped, swung his arms and jived to the music. Apparently captured during the concert’s intermission, the music he danced to wasn’t Rascal Flatts; it was LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I know It.”