Friendship Awesome Quotes

A true friend is someone who overlooks your broken down gate and admires the flowers in your window.
Don’t waste your time on the one who doesn’t know how great you are.. Be with the one who already knew!
take 2. U show me respect, Ill show u the same. U show me u care, I
will care back. If u are there 4 me, Ill be there 4 u, Be fake, I walk
not goodbye, we will see each other again, someday, somewhere, somehow!
It’s merely see you later. My Best Friend, we will meet again! Love
My Friend’s are the friends who will be there when my house is burning down and they’ll be hitting on the hot fireman!!
were always my Angel .. Now you are my Angel looking down on me from
above.. I will always miss u even though I know u are still here with
< see this smile? Someone made me smile. You know who you are. Thank
you!! Now I’m gonna let the rest of you wonder who it was and what that
person did 😉
A best friend knows your sad just by the way you text them
day, you will finally realize how much you want and need me…but when
that day comes I might be gone already. If you like me, you should tell
Is rebuilding his protective wall. With time you will see who I let climb over it and who I push the ladder over on.
if you think I’m nice, you’re a friend. If you think I’m insane, you’re a best friend.
amazing how something so simple as a lil text, call, or comment can
make you smile the entire day! It’s a great feeling to know someone is
thinking of you
I have an AWESOME best Friend! ‘Like’ if you have one too!!!
it hurts to look back, and you’re afraid to look ahead, just look
beside you… and your best friends will be there. =) <3
Sometimes, when you ask me if I’m ok, and I say yes, all I want is for you to hold me and say,
“Tell me the truth.”
is too short to hate, too long to be fake, so just be yourself and
don’t punish people for making fun of you, they just wanna be like you
I’M YOUR SHORT FRIEND! Always there,got ur back 100%, dependable,keeping your secrets. I’m ur short friend but never short on u!
are the people who you can depend to when your not feeling
strong.they turn your frown upside down,thank you for being my
friends:)love you guys
is too short to live with any regrets..Take a chance on someone you
normally wouldn’t, it may turn out better than you think.. =)
trust someone who can see these three things in you: The sorrow behind
your smile, the love behind your anger, and the reason behind your
are my world . I wouldn’t want to lose you no matter what happens .
Times get rough and we are still together . That is what love does . I
Love You Baby <3
friendship is a blessing that comes without conditions or expectations.
Whether forever or for a season, God puts people in your life for a
good friend comes over and asks if they can have something to eat, a
Best friend raids your fridge and cupboard then complains you have
nothing to eat.
FRIEND would worry bout you when you fall down the stairs but a BEST
FRIEND would be the one who pushed you and is standing behind you
cracking up laughing
sometimes you just need a shoulder to drink on.
A Hug a Day Keeps the Blues Away! Virtual hugs to all my Facebook friends!
Love, Respect, loyalty and qualities to possess ..
Don’t worry about who doesn’t like you, who has more, or who’s doing what
Instead, let’s cherish the relationships we have with those who do love us..
duck in a pond is calm and carefree… but what you don’t see under the
water is the struggling & stressed feet.. what you see is not
always what it seems
comes a point in life when you finally realize who really matters,who
never did,and who always will. I luv the people that have always been
there for me!
The reason I text you is because i miss you,The reason I don’t text you is because I’m waiting for you to miss me…

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