Fifteen Favorite Finds, Christmas Style

Below you will see 15 of my favorite all time Christmas DIY decorations and projects and more, just in time for the beautiful season on Christmas Eve’s Eve! Please go visit all of these amazingly talented ladies’ sites and show them your Christmas LOVE! 🙂

WAIT, but of course #16 is my own place…so here’s a sneak peek of our
Lime Green, Grey and White Christmas family room!


What I love: First, I absolutely love desert table arrangements, but the red and mint greens and teal blues makes this one a winner in my eyes.  Plus, the DIY snow globes on the top in the wood basket are amazing!  From Angela of Birch Blooms!

What I love: The chalkboards on the tree are super cute! And I’m a sucker for cute wrapping. But, you can’t expect anything less than perfection from 52 Mantels. 🙂

What I love: Bare trees are one of my favorite.  I love the simplicity of it.  I also love that she used 3D letters in the middle of her chalk board too!

What I love: I’m sorta kinda obsessed with vintage scales, so this is just too cute! Plus, follow the link below and see this super creative and easy DIY advent calendar! Who woulda thought…tissue and toilet paper rolls! 🙂

What I love: Pallet boards….ohhhh sweet and every so amazing pallet boards.  I love rustic looking wood and I love how simple, yet classy this mantel is! The family photo in the bright red frame is perfect too!

What I love: Liz Marie is just too cute.  And her taste is always right up my alley! I am incredibly in love with the antlers and wood art on her wall, but I also love the long white drapes, burlap rug and country chic look to her tree and presents.  Plus, what a great idea to put your initial at the top of your tree!

What I love: Red, white and black.  How classy and elegant! You can ask Blake…I love little birdies, so the birds along with the cute ornaments in the greenery are just darling! 🙂

What I love: The finish on the red wood and the wire basket…gahh! I love the small touch of Christmas by adding the little tree.  Who says you can’t add a little bit of Christmas to EVERY room in your house! Even your sons! Love this!!!

What I love: The mixture of blue, lime green, baby pink and silver somehow work perfectly and I LOVE IT! This lady is unbelievable with what she does! Just by adding a few ornaments and a little reindeer, she turned this stylish room into Christmas Heaven!

What I love: Wire baskets, globe and of course my ever beloved chalk board! I just love this girl’s taste and her use of vibrant, urban colors. 

What I love: vintage sled!!! Teal water pot! Tin pot with cute greenery! I think this porch is absolutely ADORABLE! 

What I love: The better question is what do I not love about this! This is all just so me, so perfect, so fun, so cute, so AMAZING! From the different letters (love the colors by the way), to the perfectly finished wood pallets, to the simple tree, to the deer, to the stockings, to the star and not to mention the bead board wall is awesomeeeee.  This is just perfection at its finest!

What I love: Antlers, antlers, antlers!!! Love deer heads, especially at Christmas time oh so much! This mantel is just so rustic and so me.  I love EVERYTHING about it.   (And of course the grey wall is amazing to me)

What I love: Again, I love wire baskets! They’re so simple, vintage and perfect for organization! I also love Ashley Ann and everything she does.  Her story about stockings is what drew me to this.  It’s so true, that we normally get stockings and are “stuck” with them our whole life.  Check out how she created new ones for her family on her blog! What I love about this though is that they are hanging on a cute little ladder.  So creative!

What I love: Grey is my favorite color ever! And Chevron patterns are to die for also. But what makes this so cute are the adorable preppy little Nutcrackers and dainty white trees! I just love how girly and fun this area looks.  I think I’d be happy there!
Hope this made you as happy as it made me! 🙂 
Merry Christmas Blogger World!!!
xx, ALF

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