AF977 Asiafone HP Touch Screen Android Offers Ability to Become Modem

Talking about the local mobile phone in the country is increasing day local mobile populations growing along the public interest in the need for a mobile communication tool to help high mobility is also high. One of the local mobile phone manufacturers who have come to enliven the local mobile phone sales market in the country is Asiafone.

It does not sound like IMO diligent vigorous spawn in the realm of local mobile smart phone or entry level phone, Asiafone still not keen to follow the lead of its competitors in order to touch the realm of smart phones. And at this time, Asiafone introduces a new device where this new device is a touch screen on hp entry-level class that has a very friendly and accessible to all. Then how cheap touch screen debut hp AF977 Asiafone this? The following reviews.


If judging in terms of design, a design that brought Asiafone adopt this design from the famous manufacturer Samsung Android devices. It can be seen from the selection of the two capacitive touch buttons that will take you to the Option and Back which also helped flanking conventional buttons that will take you towards Home. Home button embedded in the phone is also still adopt the Home of the Samsung Galaxy S III or S III Mini. The layout of these three capacitive touch buttons located just below the touch screen carries. Not to forget, this phone is also decorated with aluminum frames that will add an elegant impression on the design of this phone. The layout of the earpiece on this phone is placed right at the top of the phone without being accompanied by a secondary camera.

Conventional keys were not only found only on the Home button it, the more conventional can be found on the left side of the phone which takes you to all the volume settings of your phone. Turning to the back side, you’ll find a camera implanted on the left side opposite the location of the speaker that leads to the right side. On the upper left side of the phone you will find the antenna to enable Mobile TV also features embedded in this phone. It is unknown how the dimensions and weight is taken by the phone.


Bring a touch screen as the main attraction, Asiafone immerse touch screen that has a cross-sectional area of ​​3.5 inches which is a display screen that has a size larger than the screen on the phone earlier.

Not to be wasted use of the screen is only used for phone activity in general, Asiafone optimize the use of these screens as a medium to broadcast channels from TV stations that you see using one of the features embedded in this phone that mobile TV. Not only design alone that mimics the style of the Samsung Galaxy S III, but the display interface presented by this phone also mimic the appearance of the face are the same as the Samsung Galaxy S III.


Talking about features, its position as a local phone makes this phone also embed features dual SIM GSM-GSM in it. In addition to dual SIM feature, the phone is also equipped with support for Java emulator that works to maximize the phone with a diverse range of applications and games available on the basis of Java.

In addition to your standard features mentioned above, this phone also has a unique feature, which this phone can be used as a modem and in addition there is also a general multimedia features like local phones that have been circulating like FM radio and mobile TV. For you who like the game, no need to feel worried about the lack of media entertainment in this phone, because ponsle has provided some games that include TOM Talk, Fruit Ninja, Go-Bang, Sudoku and Fishing Joy.


The camera is an important feature that can not be removed from the phone at the moment. Similarly Asifone. Asiafone planted with a camera that has the power of a 2-megapixel camera that can take the course and also to record video as well as a camera in general. You can transfer the pictures that you take to other devices using Bluetooth are also provided by the phone.

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